Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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How do I use this site?

This site lets you watch a series of four videos that show how you can see it differently – to stop yourself from getting caught up in the heat of the moment, and learn to talk through difficult times with your partner.

Watch as many of the videos as you want, think about the questions raised by the videos, and then see if you can use the tips next time you get into an argument.

If you have doubts about using these tips, there are two animations to help you see how you can use these tips in your life.

What is the listening room?

The listening room is a free, anonymous web text service for people who want someone to talk to about their relationship.

It is not a counselling service, but the people that you can speak to are professionally trained and will listen.

The way it works is that you register an account, then check for available time slots. When you book a slot, you will receive an email to confirm, and then you just need to click the link to open the chat.

The listening room is run by OnePlusOne, and none of your personal information will be shared (read their privacy policy). Click the button below to sign up for a Click account and book a slot with one of our listeners.

Sign up for a Click account
How do I give feedback to the makers of this site?

We value your opinion about this site, which can help us make improvements for others. Please tell us your thoughts and suggestions by going to our feedback page.

Anything you tell us will be strictly confidential, and no information will be shared.

What if I’m experiencing domestic abuse? 

Support for people who are at risk of violence and other forms of abuse is available. Go the .gov site to report an incident or just to see what help is available.

Please contact one of these trusted organisations for help and advice.

What personal data do you collect when I leave a comment?

OnePlusOne staff will read comments that are posted to make sure that they are not offensive or discriminative, and they may record comments for research purposes.

But no personal identifiable information will be kept on record at all. If you leave a comment you will not be contacted.

Who created this resource?

See It Differently is a project from the charities Good Things Foundation and OnePlusOne with the assistance of a Challenge Fund grant from the Department for Work and Pensions.

You can find contact information for either organisation by scrolling to the bottom of the page.